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Hello and a warm welcome to my site.  I’m Jenny Amir, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach.  If you’re struggling with difficult emotions, negative thoughts or unwanted behaviours that hold you back in an area of your life – or maybe something from your past is preventing you from living your life as you want to – I’m here to help.

Over the past 14 years I’ve been passionate about helping people to overcome or let go of the issues that kept them feeling stuck, and instead create happier and more fulfilling lives for themselves.  If you’d like me to, I’ll be happy to help you too.

My therapy sessions are focused on helping you gain a sense of personal control over your life by overcoming the unconscious patterns that have been holding you back till now.  I use gentle yet transformative techniques from many proven therapies (including NLP, Positive Psychology, CBT & Timeline Therapy) to help you to find your way forward again – enabling you to achieve a renewed sense of inner confidence and personal control over yourself and your future.

You are my priority, and throughout every session we always work in a way that feels right for you, and at a pace that suits you best.

I can help with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Building confidence, self-belief and self-worth.
  • Overcoming anxiety, stress, fears or panic attacks.
  • Gaining control over addictive habits, including alcohol dependency or smoking.
  • Taking control of comfort-eating and weight management.

I offer a free, no obligation telephone consultation so if you would like to discuss your issue or find out more about how I can help you, you are very welcome to contact me on 07979 371701.  If the time feels right, just get in touch.

My warmest regards,

Jenny Amir  DipCHyp, NLP M.Prac, HPD, MNCH, CNHC, QCHPA
Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Coach
Creating Positive Change

If the time is right for you to feel calmer, more confident and in control, you can get in touch with me now…

“I just want to say that Jenny really gave me my life back. I went from a constant state of panic, where I couldn’t see a future, to calm, happy and looking forward to my future!”

Carley – Hertfordshire

“Jenny’s work with me has flipped my crippling lack of confidence, low self esteem and self-doubt to the opposite ends of the scale!… I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Jane L – London

“I now feel much more positive about life and excited about the future! I have renewed self-belief and my confidence levels have soared. I am so grateful for Jenny’s help and I will certainly be recommending her.”

Kathy T – Herts