Anxiety and Stress

Overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Stress

Is anxiety, negative thinking or stress affecting the quality of your life and preventing you from living as you would like to?  If so, these sessions are for you.

Anxiety is currently affecting more and more people, and can often be the result of negative thinking or worry, combined with stress or pressure to perform well.  Unfortunately, anxiety or panic attacks can affect personal happiness and confidence levels, while also potentially impacting on professional achievements and relationships. So helping you to overcome anxiety, and manage or overcome stress can be vital to your well-being and enjoyment of life.


My therapy sessions help by enabling you to naturally let go and release the unconscious emotional triggers that produce your anxiety or panic attacks.  This means that you will instinctively begin to feel calmer and more in control of yourself.  And as we help you also achieve new ways of thinking and behaving that allow you to cope with unexpected or stressful situations, you will also find an inner strength that gives you the ability to cope with so much more than you had realised.

These one to one sessions help you to develop more positive and helpful ways of thinking, as well as the strengths and resources you need to feel calm, confident in your abilities and in control. In this way you also achieve an inner resilience and are able to naturally change your emotional responses to ones that are more helpful for you.

All sessions are individually designed to meet your specific needs, to enable you to achieve the very best results for you. If you would like, I will also teach you practical tools and techniques for relaxation and to boost feelings of well-being, which will become skills for life.


Anxiety, panic attacks & stress can be treated within individual sessions as required or within a booked course of sessions.

You are very welcome to contact me if you would like to discuss your issue, or for any further information.

If you’d like to enjoy more happiness, confidence or feel more in control, just let me know…

“Before seeing Jenny, I felt trapped in a cycle of social anxiety. But in just 2 sessions I am much more confident, and the anxiety which had physically weighed me down has been lifted…. Jenny thank you for helping me!”

Yvonne T – Herts

“Jenny’s work has helped me improve my outlook, and put my anxieties and stress levels to the lowest they have been – this transformation has helped me make significant personal and professional changes.”

Jane L – London

“I  went to see Jenny for help with exam nerves as I had become extremely stressed out and anxious about an important exam. Her therapy and calm and soothing manner worked! Not only did I pass, but I achieved the highest score of 97%!”

Steve – Central London