The Benefits of Cognitive Hypnotherapy

  • Produces positive psychological changes in the way you want them – fast.
  • Helps you to take control of behaviours, thoughts and feelings that were beyond your conscious control.
  • By building inner confidence, sessions help reduce stress, anxiety and unnecessary fears, while promoting feelings of well-being and calm.
  • Enabling you to overcome addictive behaviours in just a few sessions.
  • Helps you to release emotional trauma or wounds from the past, quickly and easily.
  • By aiding relaxation, it can produce beneficial changes to physical health, including helping with many stress-related health conditions.

How Effective Is Hypnosis?

American Health Magazine Compared Different
Types Of Therapy And Found:
Behaviour Therapy

38% Recovery after
600 Sessions

72% Recovery after
22 Sessions

93% Recovery after
6 Sessions

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“I just want to say that Jenny really gave me my life back. I went from a constant state of panic, where I couldn’t see a future, to calm, happy and looking forward to my future!”

Carley – Hertfordshire

“Jenny’s work with me has flipped my crippling lack of confidence, low self esteem and self-doubt to the opposite ends of the scale!… I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Jane L – London

“I now feel much more positive about life and excited about the future! I have renewed self-belief and my confidence levels have soared. I am so grateful for Jenny’s help and I will certainly be recommending her.”

Kathy T – Herts