Confidence Breakthrough

Confidence Breakthrough Sessions

Confidence Breakthrough Session: If you should find yourself in need of an urgent boost of confidence and self-belief, this transformational 3-hour Breakthrough Session helps you to find lasting confidence and positive self-belief in the way you want and need it most.

During the session you will be helped to recognise how you really want to be, for your happiness and well-being. We then work together to enable you to identify and release the negative, unhelpful thought-patterns and beliefs from the past, that have held you back from being your best.


In the process, you are able to create new positive thought patterns, helpful beliefs and healthier emotions that feel right for you, opening you up to your personal happiness and fulfilment. As a result, you are able to leave the session feeling better within yourself, confident and more optimistic about the future.


Confidence issues can be treated within these transformational 3-hour ‘Confidence Breakthrough’ sessions.

You are very welcome to contact me if you would like to discuss your issue, or for any further information.

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“Jenny’s work with me has flipped my crippling lack of confidence, low self esteem and self-doubt to the opposite ends of the scale!… I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Jane L – London

“I was so amazed by Jenny’s help, I just felt so much better…. I finally feel I can make the best of my life.”

Mr R – South West London

“I now feel much more positive about life and excited about the future! I have renewed self-belief and my confidence levels have soared. I am so grateful for Jenny’s help and I will certainly be recommending her.”

Kathy T – Herts