How Hypnotherapy can improve your health

Did you know that hypnotherapy can improve your health?

Yes, really…. and not just in the obvious ways you might think. Of course, helping you adapt your thinking and habits to quit smoking, drink less or to be more in control can only be a good thing for your health.

But this is not the only way that hypnotherapy can improve your health.

As you may know, there is an ever- growing body of scientific evidence that proves just much how our mind and body are connected.

The truth is, our thoughts and feelings produce chemical reactions in our bodies that affect the functioning of our cells and therefore our well-being. Prolonged experience of negative emotions (such as anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, grief, shame or trauma) is likely to create a build up of stress and in some cases even directly contribute to physical illness.

It is widely recognised that stress can have a negative impact on our health, with many health conditions now recognised as being caused or exacerbated by stress.

But here’s the good news! It is also acknowledged that more positive emotional states such as positivity, contentedness, confidence, happiness, love, peace, etc, generate feel-good chemicals and hormones within the body which actually enhance the body’s functions. This improves energy and strength, boosts the immune system and can even aid the process of healing and well-being!

So putting in a bit of time and helping yourself to feel better – to experience more positivity, inner confidence, happiness and well-being – could well be one of the best things you could do for yourself – not just for now, but for your entire life!

In helping you release unwanted emotions, unhelpful beliefs and thought-patterns, my sessions will aid your well-being by enabling you to regain a sense of control and develop feelings of positivity, self-worth, inner calm and happiness.

And I’ll happily teach you relaxation techniques as well as self-hypnosis for your own use as required.

This is an opportunity to invest in your well-being, gain skills for life and achieve a better future for yourself. What’s not to like? Why not take a moment to make an appointment today for a Stress Busting Deep Relaxation session, so you can start enjoying the benefits.

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