What is Hypnosis?

What is hypnotherapy and what is hypnosis?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  It is a very natural process which has been used for thousands of years by people from all cultures.  Essentially it is a process through which you are able to gain insights from the unconscious mind and work with it in order to change negative thoughts, emotions or behaviour.  So hypnotherapy is therefore the use of hypnosis within therapy to help you overcome your problem issue.

The “state of awareness” that you need to be in for this to happen is actually a natural state that we all experience many times a day, the same as when you are lost in thought day-dreaming, or when absorbed in watching a film or reading a good book.  For the purposes of hypnosis, this state is often referred to as a “trance” state, however, you remain awake and in control, able to chat should you want to, yet feel pleasantly relaxed and focused.

It is when we are in this state that our unconscious mind is more accessible. So we are then able to pass knowledge and learning across should we wish to. In this state, new perspectives and insights can also be gained, and positive or previously agreed suggestions can be made, which can then be utilised.

It is entirely possible to do self-hypnosis and this can be taught within sessions.  Indeed, hypnosis is something that we ultimately do to ourselves, with the therapist simply acting as a guide.  It is not possible to hypnotise someone to do anything against their will, as the mind will block it and reject it immediately.

Did you know: The British Medical Association has accepted hypnosis as a form of medical treatment since 1955.

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