NLP Neuro-Lingusitic Programming

How much better would your life be if you understood yourself and those around you more easily?

Thankfully we all have the ability to change, and my NLP sessions help you to increase your understanding of yourself, enhancing your happiness and success in the process.

NLP is a modern and highly effective therapy derived from the latest findings on how the mind works.  It provides a solution-focused skill-set which includes natural techniques and strategies that enable you to change your thinking and behaviour to a way that suits you better.  

Importantly, it recognises that all our behaviours are learned, and so views a problem as simply being a “strategy” we have developed – a way of thinking and doing something that causes us to be stuck in a negative pattern. 

So just as we have learned a (negative or unhelpful) way of doing something, we are also able to “un-learn” it, and learn a new and better way – easily and naturally.  Importantly, this new learning is on both a conscious and unconscious level, which means that your positive changes become instinctive and you can therefore begin to experience the benefits quickly  – often within just a few sessions.

In this way, any problem – whether big or small – is just a strategy that can be changed through new learning and enhanced perspectives.

Incidentally – NLP has now become increasingly popular amongst sportsmen, athletes, company executives, those in the entertainment industry and media – all areas where having a confident mindset is crucial for success.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Coaching Sessions are available in Central London, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire & via Skype

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