Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

My professional Quit Smoking sessions enable you to stop smoking the easy and stress-free way. 

The treatment involves a one-off session of up to 2+ hours, during which you will be helped to change how you think and feel about cigarettes to enable you to quit the habit for good.

The reason for the success of the Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach is that it naturally deals with the physical and psychological effects of your smoking habit together.


Most smokers have formed psychological triggers that cause them to reach for the cigarette – and this is an important aspect to be addressed for smokers to successfully quit the habit for good.

To quit any habit, you need to have the right mindset, which means it becomes a natural and instinctive thing to do. During your session, you will be helped to let go of the old feelings and thought-patterns related to smoking that have sustained your habit up to now. You are then able to naturally develop more preferred ways of thinking and feeling that allow you to move forward as a non-smoker, feeling calm, confident and in control.

This approach works so well is because it retrains your mind on both conscious and unconscious levels – which means that it feels completely natural and easy for you to be without cigarettes.  My clients are often surprised at how calm and in control they instinctively feel as a result of their session, and how naturally they adapt without cigarettes – all from Day 1.


Quit Smoking sessions are one-off session of 2+ hours. Please contact me for prices.

If you want to feel happier and more optimistic about your future, you can get in touch with me today for a complimentary telephone consultation.

“After several failed attempts to give up smoking myself with patches and willpower, I did a 2-hour smoking session with Jenny, and have been smoke free for 12 months and counting! Jenny was fantastic and I’d definitely recommend her.”

Richard – London

“My session with Jenny helped me overcome my fears of becoming a non-smoker. As a result of seeing her, I have been smoke-free now for over seven years. I would totally recommend Jenny’s “stop smoking” sessions if you want to become smoke-free.”

Karen – Kent