Testimonials & Feedback from Clients

Confidence & Anxiety

“After an initial consultation with Jenny I haven’t looked back!  Jenny’s work with me has flipped my (at times) crippling lack of confidence, low self-esteem and self-doubt to the opposite end of the scale. Her work has helped me improve my outlook generally, and also put my anxieties and stress levels to the lowest they have ever been!  Her sessions have also helped me improve my personal relationships and interactions with the people in my life, so I now experience a much happier and more positive approach to everyday life. Jenny has a real positive energy, combined with compassion, understanding and a natural disposition to treat people – I would highly recommend her to anyone.” – Jane L, London SW19

Weight Loss

“I cannot believe how my attitude and behaviour towards food has changed. I went to see Jenny in desperation to be honest, for help with weight loss. I was a bit of a cynic who, never having had therapy of any kind – let alone hypnotherapy – wasn’t really convinced it would work. But I visited her 7 weeks ago, had 2 sessions and I have already lost a stone – and still counting! But the amazing thing is I haven’t deprived myself of anything I have wanted to eat. I haven’t dieted and I haven’t felt hungry or had any food cravings. After my first 2-hour session I stopped snacking between meals and naturally opted for more healthy options – not because I thought I should, but because I wanted too. In my second session we concentrated on reducing the amount of chocolate I would eat and my overall portion sizes. I rarely eat chocolate now and if I do, I enjoy just one or two – a far cry from the days where a box at a time would do me quite nicely thank you! My afternoon trip to the vending machine when at work was eliminated from my routine and simply holds no interest for me now! The sessions with Jenny are very relaxed and at no point did I feel uncomfortable in any way. I hope to reach my 3 stone weight loss target soon, and now see no reason why I can’t.” – Liz M, SW London

Exam Stress & Performance Anxiety

“I went to see Jenny for help with exam nerves. I was due to take an important exam and had become extremely nervous, stressed out and anxious about it. I saw her the day before the exam to see if she could help me, and Jenny’s therapy and calm and soothing manner worked! Not only did I pass the exam but I achieved the highest score of 97%! This success has helped me go on to form a small business, so I cannot recommend or thank Jenny enough, because without her I feel certain it would not have been possible.” – Steve F, Central London

Alcohol Dependency

“Jenny Amir solved my alcohol problem very effectively through hypnotherapy (3 sessions). She has wonderful empathy, great skill and enthusiasm. I am very satisfied and I would very much recommend her.” – Mr G M, London – Writer

Confidence issues & Relationship Break-up

“I visited Jenny to see what help could be offered to get over a previous relationship, and to rebuild some self-esteem and confidence. I was completely blown away by the results from just one session. When I woke up the following day, negative thoughts and feelings had disappeared and I was filled with positive thoughts – I just felt so happy and finally free! I was so amazed by Jenny’s help, I just felt so much better. As a result, my confidence and self esteem are now the highest they have ever been and I finally feel I can make the best of my life. Jenny is such a warm and friendly person that I felt completely at ease and totally relaxed during my sessions. It immediately comes across that she genuinely cares and wants to help you make things better.” – Mr R. SW London

Alcohol Abuse & Binge Eating

“I went to see Jenny as I was interested in finding ways to lose weight by cutting down on my food and alcohol intake. I found my sessions with Jenny really helpful – as well helping me alter deeply entrenched behaviour, they enabled me to gain insights into why I over-ate and over-drank. The sessions also had further, unexpected consequences, especially with regard to improving previously strained family relationships! Since seeing Jenny I have managed to stabilise my weight and gain control over previous bad habits. The sessions changed my life for the better – especially with regard to my behaviour around alcohol, and my improved family relationships!” – Toni W. London – Lecturer

Social Anxiety

“Before seeing Jenny, I felt trapped in a cycle of social anxiety that had begun to literally affect my every waking thought. But in just 2 sessions I am much more confident, and the anxiety which had physically weighed me down has been lifted. I can’t explain how, but even my husband has noticed the difference in me. I am now looking forward to the future, knowing that my new self is the one that my children will grow up with, and hopefully the one that will help them to grow into amazing adults – just like the one that I actually feel I am for the very first time in my life! I can’t believe I’ve just written those words! Jenny thank you for helping me!” – Yvonne T. Herts

Confidence and Insecurity

“I’m so glad I went to see Jenny. Jenny was lovely, informative and warm right from the start. I had lifelong insecurities and self-confidence issues, and decided I was fed up with ‘negative thinking’ and building things up in my head. I had thought no-one liked me. In social situations I was riddled with negative thoughts in my head. I had 3 sessions with Jenny, and from the 1st session I noticed a difference. By the 2nd session I remember walking out with a beaming smile. I felt lighter and not weighted down with my insecurities. I noticed the negative thoughts were replaced with more positive thoughts. I finally felt like I was giving my inner self a break at last. It was amazing how quickly the positive started ruling over the negative. The 3rd session worked as an anchor, and Jenny also taught me a few ‘tools’ to use for certain situations. I now read affirmations most days which Jenny helped to compile – these have been a great help and reminder of believing in the positive change that has thankfully occurred in my life. Thank you Jenny!” – Amy L. Hertfordshire

Lifelong Anxiety Issues

“Jenny Amir is a fantastic human being and a trusted professional. From the minute I met her I felt at ease and ready to benefit wholly from her treatment. All other therapies/possibilities had been tried repeatedly – but never hypnotherapy. Having experienced the first session with Jenny I knew I had found the answer and ultimately the root cause. I had no idea hypnotherapy was this powerful or even possible! 3 sessions later, I’m a new man and a believer! Personally I think what Jenny and hypnotherapy has to offer needs to be made available to everyone somehow…..thank you Jenny!” – Michael B. Manager, Herts

Alcohol Dependency

“I recently found myself in a situation where I knew I was drinking too much, and so I got in touch with Jenny Amir. I initially felt embarrassed and ashamed of the situation I found myself in. However, Jenny quickly put me at ease and worked with me to help me resolve the issue. What I personally found to be very helpful was her non- judgement of me, and I have been very impressed by her. I am now in control of my drinking and am living a much happier and more fulfilled life.” – Peter, London – Accountant

Weight Loss

“I went to see Jenny because I had tried and failed to lose weight over many years. I was aware that my over-eating was addictive behaviour and I came to a point where I needed some help. After just one session with Jenny, I left feeling more positive than I can ever remember feeling. The role of food has now changed from being a very important part of my life and something I used to think about a lot, to just not being a big deal any more. Now I can choose to have a treat – eat out or have a slice of cake – but it isn’t compulsive any more. Often I choose not to eat at all right now because I know I don’t need it – and I no longer feel deprived. I feel like I am eating like a ‘normal person’, able to make more rational decisions about what to eat and how much. The session left me feeling incredibly positive and, with minimal effort, I have gradually lost 10kg over about 3 months – about 10% of my overall body weight. My best day yet was moving from ‘obese’ to merely ‘overweight’ on the BMI scale – it felt hugely satisfying!” – Claire P. London – Nurse

Anxiety & Confidence

“I had reached a point in my life where I had felt constantly anxious and worried about even the most inconsequential things, and each day was a struggle to get through. My confidence was also at an all time low. But my sessions with Jenny were liberating. I now feel much more positive about life and excited about the future! I have renewed self-belief and my confidence levels have soared. I am so grateful for Jenny’s help and I will certainly be recommending her.” – Kathy T. Herts

Confidence Issues & Weight Loss

“Having had excess weight for many years and no willpower to lose it, I read about Jenny and was drawn to contact her. In just 2 sessions, Jenny was able to get to the root of my issues of stress-eating and a lack of self-worth, and after those two sessions I was flying. I have easily lost 11lbs in the four weeks since first seeing her, and am now dating again after 15 years single! Woohoo!” – Oonagh. London

13-year old child diagnosed with ADHD & Dyslexia

“I took my 13-year old son to see Jenny because he had recently been diagnosed with dyslexia, as well as being diagnosed with ADHD some years previously. Conventional methods weren’t helping him and he was struggling to get on at school. I had heard about how hypnosis could be used to help ADHD suffers to “trigger” their coping mechanisms earlier and, after contacting Jenny, I booked my son in for a couple of sessions.

Michael (not real name) really enjoyed the sessions, and I also found them very interesting myself. Amazingly, after just the 1st session, Michael was noticeably calmer and much more able to stay in control of himself in different situations. This was reinforced in the 2nd session, and Jenny taught Michael how he could slip into positive states, easily and quickly, which has continued to be of immense and lasting benefit to him, both at school and at home. But the most amazing moment came when, on hearing that Michael had confidence issues at school because of his dyslexia, Jenny helped him to change his emotional state in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, so that he was able to read out aloud – with ease – from a press article that was in the consulting room! Not only did he read it confidently and correctly, but he finished the entire article with barely any hesitations! To say I was “gob-smacked” would be a major under-statement and my husband’s face was a picture when Michael did the same thing at home later that day.

Since then, Michael’s reading has gone from strength to strength, he is much less reluctant now to read generally, and finds it easier to deconstruct words he doesn’t know so that he can read them. This year, for the first time ever, I bought him books for Christmas and he is enjoying reading them! The teachers at Michael’s school have also noticed the difference and commented on his progress, so we couldn’t be happier. I have been telling everyone I know about Jenny’s work, and as such I would most definitely recommend Jenny and her sessions without hesitation, to anyone.” – Mrs M. Hertfordshire

Teenager with Anxiety & Confidence Issue

“My teenage daughter suffered with excruciating anxiety and stress during her GCSE and AS exams. She lacked confidence and belief in her abilities, and at times I was really concerned for her sanity. It was just so distressing to see her so upset. I arranged for her to have 3 sessions with Jenny and the change in her has been amazing. She is far more confident and calm, and generally a happier, more balanced person. I really can’t thank Jenny enough.” – Lynn. Herts

Child Therapy – Confidence & Anxiety issue in a 9-year old

“I brought my son to see Jenny for urgent help with an anxiety/confidence issue he had been having for several months. After just his first session, I could see glimmers of the child I knew and loved returning. He made real progress from each of his 3 sessions, growing in confidence so much that he is now completely unrecognisable from the anxious child I took to see Jenny initially! Thank you Jenny!!” – Alex R. SW London – Teacher

Confidence & Performance Anxiety

“I would strongly recommend Jenny to anyone and everyone. Her sessions really helped me move forward. After seeing Jenny for a confidence issue, things happened very quickly for me, and I am now really looking forward to what’s coming and where I am going in my life. I am so much more confident in everything I do. Performers – these sessions are a must!” – Nicole C. London – Singer

Stage Fright

“After years of loving performing and enjoying every second on stage, I started to dread it. Stage fright was preventing me from taking performance opportunities and performing to my best ability, so a friend recommended I went to see Jenny. She is wonderful and I felt very, very safe in her hands which is why I was able to relax and get the best out of the sessions. It’s not like in the movies – the sessions were well structured and very therapeutic. The most useful thing was learning to treat myself with respect and positivity. It has made me much more confident when I perform. My sessions with Jenny were extremely helpful as I now can put my feelings of stage fright into perspective – they have allowed me to find the love that I had for music and performing that I had lost!” – Lucy D. London – Performer

Confidence, Anxiety and Insecurity

“Jenny was initially recommended to me when I was looking for hypnotherapy to help address my phobia of blood tests. But at the time when we met, I was between jobs and struggling to be myself and confident in the face of uncertainty. It threw up a lot of deep-seated insecurities. Jenny is kind, practiced and quietly tenacious. I came away surprised by how powerful the session was and absolutely delighted with the results. Since then I have felt much more connected and able to enjoy the present. Best of all, the sessions felt entirely natural and truthful, and the effects have lasted. I’ve recommended her to friends – and I’d certainly recommend her to anyone.” – Kat. London W1 – Script Writer

Extreme Dog Phobia & Anxiety

“Hi Jenny, just wanted to let you know that all went very well on Saturday, meeting my sister in law’s dog. He was off the lead after only 10 mins and I was fine with him running around the room fetching his ball, and jumping onto my lap to sit!! I was exactly how I’d mentally imagined I’d be when we did the session on it. Amazing! I’m no longer causing a family rift – thank you so much!” – Angela T. South West London


“My session with Jenny helped me overcome my fears of becoming a non-smoker. As a result of seeing her, I have been smoke-free now for over seven years. I would totally recommend Jenny’s “stop smoking” sessions if you want to become smoke-free!” – Karen Tait. Kent

“After several failed attempts to give up smoking myself with patches and willpower, I did a 2 hour smoking session with Jenny, and have been smoke free for 12 months and counting! Jenny was fantastic and I’d definitely recommend her.” – Richard. NHS Manager, London

Anxiety & Depression

“A friend of mine recommended I see Jenny Amir due to the fact I was having a breakdown and had been signed off work for six months. When I called Jenny I was in a really bad place mentally and physically, due to self harming by burning myself. I was not sure how hypnotherapy would help me but was desperate at this time for any help. She agreed to see me initially for a chat and we would take it from there. I saw Jenny at her place of work in Harley Street and was immediately put at ease as she is so nice and approachable. We had a 2-hour session, during which I touched on two major issues that no one else had been able to address. We did some work on it, and I left the session on what I can only say was a high – it felt like a weight had been lifted from me. I returned to work just a few weeks later, and all is still good now, thanks to Jenny’s help that day.” – Terry C. Central London

Depression & Confidence issues

“I first contacted Jenny because I thought her approach sounded positive and proactive. I had been experiencing depression and low self-esteem for some time and had tried to combat this through taking anti-depressants and counselling, but found both approaches very limited. The difference I immediately noticed with Jenny’s approach was that instead of feeling like ‘the patient’ , instead I felt like I was being guided through thinking about my problems as an equal. I think this approach was so effective because I regained a feeling of responsibility for my situation – but for the good things as well as the bad – and felt more empowered to make changes for the better.

It has now been many months since my last session and I am much happier and more confident about my life as a result. But one thing I cannot replace, and the absolute highlight of the sessions for me, is the ‘Deep Relaxation’ technique – which was completely rejuvenating and utterly mind-calming. If everyone could do this on a weekly basis the world would be a much happier place! I would recommend Jenny to anyone who feels stuck and needs a helping hand in the right direction – no matter how big or how small.” – Anna S. Central London

Stress & Anxiety

“I decided to see Jenny Amir in late 2005 at a difficult time in my life. I had been made redundant from my long term job and also, at the age of 38, I had started suffering from asthma because of stress. When I initially rang Jenny, I remember actually having an asthma attack whilst I was talking to her on the phone. Jenny helped me by talking me through some NLP techniques in how to cope with the asthma, and then later on taught me ways to take back control of my life, which I can honestly say I had lost control of for a temporary period from mid 2004 – late 2005. Jenny has a wonderful gift in being able to help you to deal with your personal problems and to help you find solutions for each problem. I still, to this day practice the techniques that Jenny taught me, which can help in dealing with certain problems. “Thanks to Jenny’s help I now have a very good job within the Civil Service and have the confidence to run quite a few projects outside work, so thank you Jenny!” – Mr H R B. Central London

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