Treatments & Prices

A gentle and highly effective way to create positive personal change…

Within a professional, caring and confidential setting, we work together to enable you to release the emotional or behavioural patterns that are holding you back from being how you want to be.  In the process you are helped to develop new preferred patterns which allow you to overcome your problem – often more quickly than you might expect.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can often work instantly, other times it can take a few sessions to undo emotional and physical patterns.  A wide variety of issues can be dealt with, often within just a small number of sessions, please scroll down to see some of the issues I can help you with…


(Positive results are most often experienced from the initial session, and many issues can be resolved completely within just 2-3 sessions.) 

Regular treatment sessions: 1-hour (£90) 

Initial session:  Up to 2-hours (£140) 

The initial session includes a detailed consultation as well as the first stage of therapeutic treatment (which means you can experience benefits from Day 1 of treatment).  




Build Confidence and Positive Self-Belief

Is a lack of personal confidence or low self-esteem holding you back from living the way you would like to? Do you ever feel you are not as good as other people? If so, these sessions might be just what you’re looking for.


Overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Stress

Are feelings of anxiety, stress, negative thinking or panic affecting the quality of your life and preventing you from performing at your best? If so, these sessions are for you.


Alcohol Dependency & Binge Drinking

Are you drinking alcohol more than you would prefer? Are you are becoming more dependent upon alcohol to feel better, or to enjoy yourself? If so, these sessions are for you.


‘Once And For All’ Weight Loss

Are you fed up with struggling to lose weight? do you need to overcome patterns of comfort eating? If so, these specialised and highly effective sessions are for you.


Overcoming Your Past and Creating a Bright Future

If you should find yourself in need of an urgent boost of confidence and self-belief, this transformational 3-hour session, tailored to your individual needs is perfect for you.


Child Therapy, NLP4Kids & Coaching

It is a passion of mine to help children to feel better about themselves – and to be the best they can be in the world around them. I have a particular interest in helping children gain control of their emotions, and to overcome confidence and self-esteem issues.


Quit Smoking for Good Sessions

My professional Quit Smoking sessions enable you to stop smoking the easy and stress-free way. During these sessions you will change how you think and feel about smoking to enable you to quit the habit for good.

“My session with Jenny helped me overcome my fears of becoming a non-smoker. As a result of seeing her, I have been smoke-free now for over seven years. I would totally recommend Jenny’s “stop smoking” sessions if you want to become smoke-free.”

Karen – Kent

“After several failed attempts to give up smoking myself with patches and willpower, I did a 2-hour smoking session with Jenny, and have been smoke free for 12 months and counting! Jenny was fantastic and I’d definitely recommend her.”

Richard – London

“My teenage daughter suffered with excruciating anxiety and stress during her GCSE and AS exams. I arranged for her to have 3 sessions with Jenny and the change in her has been amazing. I really can’t thank Jenny enough.”

Lynn – Herts